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अनिच्चा. Impermanence

“ऐक छोटी सी कहानी”

There was a beautiful couple in the village . Husband was so much fascinated of his wife’s beauty. He used to praise her beautiful golden hair and her shining teeth. He used to compare her hair to cascade of gold and her teeth to the ocean of pearls. One day this man invited me for a dinner. I knew his affection for his wife and I was happy to see that.

Again when I entered to his house he started praising her wife’s beautiful hair,teeth and her smile. I was in a state that I could see his ignorance. I didn’t say even a word and keep smiling. Poor people with full of ignorance, cravings and aversion, do not know their own mind even. So I let him speak with full of his emotions.

He said , “I love her golden hair , it is like a cascade of gold on her head “

“I love her teeth which is just like a ocean of pearls”

I smile and said yes they are beautiful 😊

Then her wife started serving us dinner. We were sitting on the dinning table and our plates were fulfilled with aroma of delicious food. I started eating my food. All of sudden her husband found a long hair in the food. He got irritated and scold his wife

“Wife ,”what’s that , this dirty hair in my food …..!!! Yakkk !!! Move this plate away from here and bring another fresh one.”

The few moments back these were the same hair metaphorically said as a cascade of gold, shining on her head but all of sudden it became dirty and impure. I keep smiling with learning and understanding. Her wife brings him another new plate and then he start eating with me. Now he was not that much happy with the talks as he was before. He was not that much enthusiastic. I tried to normalise the situations and talk him about the Dhamma.

I told him that love is a emotion with compassion , non sectarian , universal sensations without manipulation and without cravings. I was telling him that you can not tell that you love your mother more than your father because if you do so it doesn’t remain non sectarian that means their is a amalgam of cravings either for your father or for mother. You can not say that you love more your best friend or your girlfriend because either you truely love your best friend or your girlfriend. Love is universal and you can not measure it in the form of less or more. It is same for everyone and once you start feeling that you will understand the real meaning of love. Rest is based on our cravings which keeps arising and vanishing, keeps arising and vanishing , deriving us to imbalanced behaviour with full of impurities , keep accumulating layer by layer without even knowing to us and one day which turn out as a aversion, illusion, delusion, empathy, agony, hatred , sympathy and all other thoughts.

In between his wife was bringing water for him and she fell down near the table and one of her front tooth broke down and sprinkled also in his plate which was still half of food.

He stand up and picked up her and he saw that her one tooth which was artificial has sprinkled due to imbalance in his plate , luckily she didn’t had any injuries.

He said , “ wife ! Put this dirty tooth away , take this plate away from here and I won’t have food now. My mood has got spoiled and I won’t eat anything now. “

Wife was embarrassed for unwanted things which had spoiled her husband’s mood. I was smiling. I wanted to spread Dhamma , the truth and law of nature. Because few minutes back these were the teeth which was said to be “the ocean of pearls “ but all of sudden they also became dirty and impure.

I wanted to teach that our mind work according to the objects and we are just a slave of our mind. Without understanding the theory of अनिच्चा , we can not be liberated from ignorance. We will be deriving by the things which is in our favour (cravings) or against (aversion) and our life will be driven just accordingly.

I taught them Dhamma, brings them out of ignorance and fulfilled them with compassion, joy and real happiness. I told them that beauty is beauty when it is integrated but when it is decayed and segregated from the truth it become impurity of mind. Husband and wife followed the path Dhamma and left all the object oriented life behind. They become the happiest couple on village and inspired others to be like them. They spreads Dhamma through out their life to make people realise the reality of their real happiness.

PS – अनिच्चा is a Pali word which means Impermanence. Theory of Impermanence is a special place in Buddhism and play a very important role. To understand the nature of our body and mind we should understand ourselves first. Day by day we are decaying, decaying and decaying towards end without even realising it. We can chose to accumulate impurities or to purify our mind with the time so that one can truly understand the real meaning of love and happiness. When you will understand that you are itself a universe containing mind and matter then you will understand the little thing about yourself. It is a last long process but your one step towards it is like a one drop in the jar and one drop is always better than an empty jar.

And knowing the process of अनिच्चा , slowly you will see that part of the bubble , you have become a wavelet too 🧘‍♂️.

भवतु सब्बा मंगलम Be Happy 😊


By The Lost Monk

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