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21 check list

Heya !

I think you have forget me. I am still alive because “I am Ashwathama” haha !!

That’s funny, I know because Corona had fucked entire world and proofed that you bloody homo sapience are nothing but so vulnerable species who are in wrong notions of power. A small virus had made us helpless to follow the new normal. Everything has been changed from socio-eco prospects to individual scenarios, policy planning to implementations, travel to clothing and food of course. Meanwhile 2020 will be remembered throughout next century for what had started in the end of 2019. I was so energetic with 2020 but Covid had brought series of event in everyone’s life. Anyway let us forget the past because it is nothing but the waste of time which can not bring any valuable avenues to improve until it adds some value to progress. So I am going to remember some of events in my life which has given me so much of direction and valuable lesson to deal with day to day life and progress in life. I will remember the investigations assigned during the Covid time and learning from it. I will also remember some of incidents which has proofed me right about my anticipations about the human minds. I will remember 03 August as our first meeting baby and our relationship throughout Covid with love and emotions. Rest I pay tribute to all those who had lost there life due to Covid pandemic. I salute all the medical staff of the world, All the security agencies in the world and Police force in the world who delicately worked during the Covid period and become true “Corona Worriers”  for people.

Seeing off with un-expected series of events and marking my words here with 2020. Good bye !!

21 check list      (2021)

We entered into 2021 with existing scenario of last year but let us define some kind of resolution within the ambit of strength and limited freedom.

  1. UPSC – I always wanted to try for UPSC but I never prepared for it. I had got opportunities to work with different fields including the power corridor and after having enough experience I had realized that we are no different than others. While they can why we can’t ? It is matter of opportunities and hard work with consistency. Many events had happened in life which had led me to think that we are still living in era of masters and slaves. I look into the quote every day pasted in the wall saying, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail ?”  would it be in your 21 check list  ?
  2. Professionalism – Many of my reader are pure professionals. Being a Govt. servant it is a false narration that they don’t work. Today’s young generation are much more capable of their 90’s bosses. Two things matter in life 1. Hard work 2. Knowledge and It has no substitute. Your confidence is directly proportional to your knowledge. You may find it hard but with time you will become master of your craft with your sincere effort. Make sure whether you are student, vendor, farmer, businessman or servant, maintain the decorum of professionalism and give your best. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  3. Savings :-  Oh ! that’s very important in life. After many years of service I don’t have savings and due to mismanagement in life I found it very difficult now to fulfill expectation of family. I had realized that certain % of your income must be saved for some reason or kind of investment which can help you to live comfortable life. If you are extravagant like me, it should be your top priority too.  Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  4. D-MAT  – This is a new thing to learn but I found it very interesting. I will start investing in stock and shares this year. For this you need to open D-MAT trading account in any registered firm. After opening DMAT you can easily start trading in shares and stock in BSE and NSE. So it is going to be very exciting. Here is some link if you are going to try this. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  5. Network :-  Be kind, amicable and helpful with your friends and colleagues. Good people can help you to improve your skills and quality of life with bliss and happiness. Mark these words “Network is Networth”  Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  6. Fitness:- Covid had brought a wave of fitness enthusiasm. It was observed that sale of bicycles were out of stock during the lockdown. I live in Lutyens and I had seen hundreds of people with group in the morning riding bicycles. I had too purchase bicycle during lockdown and recently joined Fitness IndiaI had promised myself that this year I need to get into the best shape of my life. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.

  7. Term Insurance  :- Many of my colleague and friends had term insurance. Covid had made us to think that life is uncertain and you must have calculate some risk so that people connected to do not suffer financially. Taking more responsibilities every working person take some kind of medical cover, insurance or term insurance.  Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  8. CAR:- In a corporate life if you don’t know how to drive that’s pretty bad. It’s been many years of job and I still don’t know how to drive. I will learn and this will be my priority. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  9. Writing:  Keep writing something it is a good quality. If you can contribute something to this society start sharing your thoughts on your success, on your failure, on your dreams or on your journey. This is biggest contribution you can pay back because it can inspire a generation to be like you, to not commit mistakes like you or to follow your path or ideas. I have shared enough and I will keep doing that till the last day of my life. Writing is love. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  10. Reading:- Good books are your kind of best friends. It gives you strength, emotions, inspiration and peace of mind. So I have decided to give more time to good stuff which will help me in life with knowledge and inspiration. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  11. Travel:-  If time will allow this year then definitely I would love to visit some good places with camera and memories. Covid had block us in cage and now this industries will grow drastically and people are crazy to travel. Few days back we made a plan to visit Tungnath and Chopta in Uttarakhand but couldn’t get any place to stay. So this year I want to cover good travel stories. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  12. YouTube:- I have writing blogs since two years and making YouTube videos since one year. Last year I decided to cover some motivational stories but due to Covid couldn’t pursue it further. This year I want to make sure that I will make some good YouTube cover. I am happy to see my growth in YouTube with 4 Million views and 5.29 K subscriber. One of my video had hit 3.6 M views. Please subscribe my channel here  Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  13. Patience :- Mark these words “Patience is a virtue”  I am very energetic, always remains tip toe which leads sometimes to unwanted circumstances. So I want to improve this flaws by remaining more calm and peaceful. You can also try this. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  14.  Company:- I will try to form a company this year and try to invest my ideas on it. This is my company project and I am going to break the ice for it. You can also try if you have any kind of idea pertaining to it. Write a comment if it is going to be priority in your 21 check list.
  15. Do not judge or make any kind of opinion on the basis of these information. Because opinions block your mind to evaluate broader prospect of life. These are some kind of check list which I have shared with all of you. I am a simple human being too with many shortcoming & flaws but this is kind of resolution which I desire for this 2021. Let us be more enthusiastic what life has to offer us. “We are still alive and be grateful to that”

By The Lost Monk

Writer || Poet || Explorer || Photographer || Engineer || Corporate Investigator || Motivator

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